“The best insurance resource in
    St. Louis for luxury homeowners.”

Ken and his team at Yavitz insurance understand luxury homeowners’ concerns and provide a wide variety of specialized products to fit each individual situation. The Yavitz team is very responsive and has a vast knowledge of amenities unique to the luxury property market. They maintain a hands-on approach throughout the process and are, hands-down, the best insurance resource in St. Louis for luxury homeowners.”

– H. Long, Luxury Real Estate Agent, Janet McAfee Real Estate

“He and his staff continue
    to exceed my expectations.”

Ken Yavitz has handled both my business and personal insurance needs for 30 years. We have had several claims over the years and Ken has always provided exceptional service. He and his staff continue to exceed my expectations.”

– B. Holtzman, Ladue

“Ken has delivered nothing short
    of superior service and reliability
    since day one.”

Ken Yavitz has handled our personal insurance for more than 20 years. Not only has he always been there for routine service and claims, but Ken is always available to provide high-level service advice, such as when we needed assistance reviewing contracts proposed by a developer for our vacation home in Colorado. Because of Ken’s knowledge in both personal and business insurance, he was able to make recommendations that protected our interests and allowed us to intelligently negotiate insurance and risk transfer techniques to our benefit with the developer. Most recently, Ken provided me the guidance to move forward with a very complex claim and secure a seasoned claims adjuster with expertise in handling luxury residences. Our claim was expertly managed without a hitch. Ken has delivered nothing short of superior service and reliability since day one.”

– L. Wagman, Los Angeles, CA

“I can’t imagine working with
    anyone else.”

Ken Yavitz has handled my insurance needs for more than thirty years. His knowledge and experience gives me the confidence and peace of mind that I am fully protected against any type of loss in my personal and business life. Ken has always been highly responsive and I can’t imagine working with anyone else.”

– J. Gans, Creve Coeur